Because we are what the literary world loves to call “new writers,” we don’t really have a good reason yet to split this into separate pages called “Tamara’s Publications” and “Nathan’s Publications.” Both pages would be laughably short. So we decided to put them all here in one place.

Tamara Rivers Schaad has published the first book in a fantasy series aimed at young to young adult readers:
The Guardian of Hope. 2009. Tate Publishing.

She is currently working on two novel projects: Book Two of The Guardian of Hope series and Book One of a new series, co-written by Nathan Schaad.

Nathan Schaad has published short fiction and poetry in 50-to-1 and Inklings: Miami’s Undergraduate Magazine of Arts and Letters:
“Spin.” 50-to-1. February 4, 2012. Nanofiction.
“Pillow Talk.” Inklings. Spring 2010. Short Story.
“Suicidal Man.” Inklings. Spring 2010. Poem.

He is currently working on two short story projects, one tentatively titled “Chekov’s Fish” and the other “Jon’s Mirror,” as well as a new fantasy novel series co-written by Tamara Rivers Schaad.

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