Finding the Time to Write

This is one of those things which seems so simple when you first start writing. When you first start writing, everything is fresh, new, and interesting, and you are brimming with ideas to share with the world. This is due to a number of factors: You’re usually young and single, probably still in school, and therefore have quite a bit more free time than the working world. This allows you to sit down at a computer or journal for hours on end, letting every thought that comes through your head onto the page until you finally feel that sense of catharsis that writers often seek when they write. Continue reading

“Entering” Into a Story

I have fifteen minutes for the first time in about a week or so in which to do some writing. Normally, I would focus on my stories first, but fifteen minutes isn’t really enough time for me to get into a story “groove.” However, it’s definitely enough time for me to crank out a short blog post. Fifteen minutes is long enough for me to do that, but not long enough for me to do anything story-wise. Continue reading

Graduate School Applications by the Numbers

So, I know, I know, I am doing horribly keeping this blog updated regularly. I am still trying to find my niche, not to mention the hectic nature of what I’ve been doing lately: Graduate school applications! You can probably imagine how those go: A decapitated chicken probably comes to mind. As I come out on the tail end of things, though, I’m finding more time to write. Expect more consistent blogging soon! Continue reading

Ever Have a Weird Dream?

So, I wanted to get a post up for myself this week, more out of determination than anything. I don’t like the fact that I’ve been highly irregular as to when I posted, and I am, as a result, determined to put something up, even if it’s three days late. The goal after this will be to write something for Monday, too, in order to get myself back into a regular update schedule. Not that anybody is reading this blog just yet, but I know that consistency is pretty important for stuff like this.

The thing that is most impressed upon my mind right now is a dream that my wife had about me last night. See, my wife has a talent for remembering her dreams, and with both of us being Christians, we don’t discount the possibility that the dreams she remembers are meaningful. Likewise, perhaps there is meaning in the fact that I, unlike her, am horrible at remembering dreams. At any rate, the reason that I say all of this stuff about dreams is that I have been feeling rather low and uncertain lately. It’s hard, in a broken economy in a fallen world, to really know how to do right by your family and by God. I’m not trying to preach or anything, but rather I am just being honest about the assumptions that I hold in my daily life. Continue reading

5 Things Exercise Has Taught Me About Writing

Today, I ran a 5K (A 5,000-meter run for the uninitiated, and a 3.1-mile run for the really, really uninitiated).  Moreover, I ran this 5K in an unofficial event, in 27 minutes, just because I wanted the exercise and the practice. This is not something which would have happened even 4 months ago. Continue reading

What I Like Least About Writing (or Being a Writer)


Just the word itself is horrible. Sounds like a verb of neglect or taking vengeance: “I’m gonna edit you!”

Actually, I should be more honest, as a normal edit I’m cool with. But right now I’m in the process of what I’ve been calling “editing” my second book in The Guardian of Hope, yet what is probably closer to reworking or restructuring Book 2. It’s so painstakingly slow, tedious, and so un-creative I feel uninspired to work on it. Why should I spend hours moving text around and editing it for the hundredth time? What fun is that?
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No Music, No People, No Distract—Squirrel!

I don’t know how normal I am when it comes to atmosphere when I write. The truth is, when I write, music tends to be more of a distraction, and I would rather not run the risk of someone reading over my shoulder as could happen in a coffee shop. It has nothing to do with a paranoid fear that the other person would steal my work: I just don’t want them to see the mess before it’s ready.
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