About Us

“Two Writers Writing” is the ramblings of married writers Nathan Schaad and Tamara Schaad (aka Tamara Rivers in her first publication). We’ll be covering topics ranging from writing to personal life to literary critiques to food, and even compare our different writing styles. Our hope is that you find this to be a refreshing, thought-provoking, and amusing insight into our writing, our styles of writing, our minds, and our lives.

Nathan Schaad
I am just a guy like any other, trying to figure out how to navigate life after graduation. My field of study in college was English with a creative writing emphasis (“A blogger who majored in English? Do go on.” No, really!) and I’m an alumnus of Miami University in Oxford, OH. Writing takes up a pretty big chunk of my life, between freelance copywriting, attempting to publish short stories and the occasional poem, and working on a fantasy series with my wife, but in those spare moments that don’t go to writing, I enjoy reading, exercising (I completed a modified sprint triathlon in July of 2012), skateboarding, cooking, food, bowling, video games (especially Civilization), and spending time with my lovely wife and co-author of this blog.

Tamara Rivers Schaad
Love to write! (If you haven’t noticed.) I don’t actually have a degree, although I’ve taken some college. Umm…let’s see. Other than writing, my interests include music, food, exercise (bittersweet relationship here), bowling, video games, and spending time with my family. That’s just to list a few – I mean, I could tell you that I like rainbows, I love it when my hubby makes me chocolate souffle, and fall, and baby animals (really, baby anything, except maybe insects – they aren’t cute), and I love doodling and calligraphy, and I like to knit but haven’t in awhile, and…oh. Am I supposed to be done?

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