Wow… Where Did Time Go?

So, I was driving home from work today when I remembered, “Oh, right, I have a blog. I’ve neglected that thing for a few weeks. I should write something when I get home! I hope it hasn’t been too long.” So I come into WordPress and open up the posts folder to see how behind I am.

Nearly two full months. Ah!

Well, hopefully this will provide enough of a kick in the pants that I can get back on track with this. However, with such an extended and unannounced absence, I suppose it would only be fair that I explain just what happened.

As you might have expected, it was more than one thing. I would hate to conjure up so many excuses as to come off as lazy, but I really have been exceptionally busy these past few months. Those who are in the know are aware that I work at a marketing company. Recently, my schedule was upped in intensity, so there was just that much less free time to go around. If we compound that fact with the fact that my wife has been suffering from intense headaches since January of 2012 and we have yet to figure out what, precisely, the problem is, and you already can start to see why there have been a dearth of posts from her. Of course, me being particularly close to my wife, I found myself sharing her pain a lot, and just wanting to spend time with her–anything to distract her from the pain as she goes through yet another round of tests. This took up a fair amount of my free time.

The other thing that took up the rest of my free time is that I am considering law school. Now, to those who are out of the loop, one does not merely consider law school passively, but rather one must attack studying for the LSATs with great zeal if one is even considering applying. Especially when that someone is a perfectionist like me who sees little value in going to a law school that is not regarded as one of the “Top 14.” I want to be the best that I can be, so I am going after the best. Natural, yes?

At any rate, this hopefully explains my absence. The good news is that my wife’s pain was drastically reduced this morning, and we recently replaced her eyeglasses prescription. Whether it is a coincidence or not (this headache has a nasty habit of going in and out) remains to be seen, but right now the prognosis looks good. Still, nothing is ever certain until it happens. I will try to keep you posted.

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