Monthly Archives: December 2012

We’re Definitely Going to Go Over the Fiscal Cliff: Here’s Why

If you’re like me, you’ve been following the “fiscal cliff” debates, where Speaker John Boehner and President Obama go back and forth asking the other side for a “serious offer” like petulant children holding their breath until Mommy and Daddy give them what they want. Just like petulant children, they will breathe long before they pass out. It’s survival instinct at its best. Continue reading

Approaching a Nascent Story Idea

This week, I started a new story project, and am finding that, as I get more experienced as a writer, I find myself committing myself to a specific story form less and less. It used to be that I always either started a short story or a novel, and I would hold myself to the statement that I made initially. As a result, I would do everything that I could to ensure that a short story ended within 7,500 words, and I would give up on a novel far before I would decide to condense it. It took me several failed attempts before I realized how dangerous this mindset can be. Continue reading