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5 Things Exercise Has Taught Me About Writing

Today, I ran a 5K (A 5,000-meter run for the uninitiated, and a 3.1-mile run for the really, really uninitiated).  Moreover, I ran this 5K in an unofficial event, in 27 minutes, just because I wanted the exercise and the practice. This is not something which would have happened even 4 months ago. Continue reading

What I Like Least About Writing (or Being a Writer)


Just the word itself is horrible. Sounds like a verb of neglect or taking vengeance: “I’m gonna edit you!”

Actually, I should be more honest, as a normal edit I’m cool with. But right now I’m in the process of what I’ve been calling “editing” my second book in The Guardian of Hope, yet what is probably closer to reworking or restructuring Book 2. It’s so painstakingly slow, tedious, and so un-creative I feel uninspired to work on it. Why should I spend hours moving text around and editing it for the hundredth time? What fun is that?
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No Music, No People, No Distract—Squirrel!

I don’t know how normal I am when it comes to atmosphere when I write. The truth is, when I write, music tends to be more of a distraction, and I would rather not run the risk of someone reading over my shoulder as could happen in a coffee shop. It has nothing to do with a paranoid fear that the other person would steal my work: I just don’t want them to see the mess before it’s ready.
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Music While You Write? And Where?

This probably doesn’t warrant an entire blog post…but I’m curious, so I’ve got two questions for you, to which I will also give you my answer. The first:

Do you listen to music while you write?
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That Didn’t Take Long…

My mind is a scattered thing, I’m starting to realize. I wonder whether this is a condition common to writers or if it is just my problem. There are simply so many things that I want to say about the world, but then I worry about how they would come off to a perfect stranger. I want to make fun of the absurdity of politics, but I am worried that it would be seen as politicking. Continue reading

Story Beginnings

(Response to Nathan’s last blog.)

Although I touched on this briefly in my welcome post, I thought I’d expound after Nathan’s post:

I’m the writer that struggles to start a story. I have this awesome story in my head, characters ready to go, action to experience, plots to explore…and then I open up a Word doc and wonder where to begin.
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